Paying for the Past, first published in 2014, created more interest than I’d anticipated. Originally, front-page headlines and two TV documentaries - BBC Everyman: Miller and Bellord in 1979 & Cineflix: Crime Scene Psychics Southern Organs in 2008, exposed the original fraud without revealing my inside story.

Sales exceeded expectations. Several book groups chose it as their current read. Interviews and extensive press coverage followed the launch. More recently a TV screenwriter asked about TV and film rights. Further enquiries regarding the acquisition of film and TV rights came ‘out of the blue’ firstly from a London agency, and then a film company. Following interviews, all three interested parties are working together hoping that a film or mini-TV series will evolve.

Many thanks to, readers, interviewers, press reporters, bookshops, and book groups, for their support since Paying for the Past was launched at Steyning Book Shop in 2014.

Paying for the Past is available from Amazon in paperback, hardback and on Kindle.


March 2019: Paying for the Past is sold globally on Amazon, but how touched I was to get this iPhone clip from a young Lithuanian who'd enjoyed the story. Kornelija had been reading Paying for the Past - in English - on Brighton beach.

15th September 2018:

A nice surprise to find this global site selling my four books. I had no idea!

10th September 2018

ASHURST WOMENS INSTITUTE invited me to talk about my writing and career in osteopathy.

'Paying for the Past; my true life crime story' was high on the list. A very warm welcome and lively Q&A session.


West Sussex Gazette - July 2017

This article also appears in, The West Sussex County Times, Worthing Herald, Shoreham Herald and the Steyning Herald

The mystery of the female kidnapper...

Steyning author Geoff Green has just brought out The Prisoner of Brenda Brown, published on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle. Press link below to read the article.



THE PRISONER OF BRENDA BROWN at The Steyning Book Shop. 26th June 2017.
Thanks to the amazing Sara and Rob for hosting the launch of my fourth book last night. A hugely successful evening. Thanks to all who came, your support is so much appreciated.

Geoff's Brenda Launch 26-6-17 16

First Amazon reviews


Another clever page-turner from Geoff Green. If you're a guy of a certain age with any history of being less than the perfect gentleman, you're in for an uncomfortable ride. A lot of ladies will be punching the air, saying 'Yes!'. Either way you'll enjoy the clever plotting and gripping will-they-wont- they tension. No wild implausible international jet-set plotting, just people dealing with familiar domestic crimes and cruelties in cunning new ways. And dodging the law, straight from a TV 6-part cop drama... Great stuff.

Hell hath no fury...
But being scorned isn't Brenda Brown's main motivation for her act of revenge. We are kept in the dark - much as Brenda's victim is - till the end.
Another most enjoyable, fun read from the author Geoff Green, whose remarkable true story was the subject of his first book, Paying for the Past.
A powerful read
C M Smith 10th August 2017
What an excellent read and from such a talented writer whose imaginative and creative writing style has been evident through his four books from the true life crime adventure Paying for the Past, his two novels The Sand Hide and Cold Friends and now to The Prisoner of Brenda Brown. Short powerful chapters take you through an uncomfortable ride and with the mystery of why has this happened - not unfolding until the end. The incarceration of this dislikeable character and his treatment from Brenda intertwined with other people who have had the misfortune to cross his path is written in graphic detail and the plotting by Brenda before, during and after his imprisonment makes exciting and captivating reading. This is a great book and would make a brilliant film – give it a go.
on July 6, 2017
I  enjoyed this book. Very different from anything I've read before, the storyline is unusual and intriguing, very entertaining. A good read!
Great plot, engaging characters and plenty of laughs.
Tim Crowley, August 17th 2017
What a page turner! Green cleverly works in plenty of twists and turns, but the short chapters mean you don't have to wait long to find out what happens next. An enjoyable read from cover to cover, with an uplifting and gratifying end... what's not to like!

The Prisoner of Brenda Brown

Expected launch date, Monday, June 26th 2017.

Kidnapping is a serious crime: a hostage is taken, demands are made, cash expected or, in some cases, an exchange of prisoners. Kidnappers are usually men, but when Brenda Brown lures Melvyn Greenstone into a basement cell, the case baffles everyone. No demands are made and there are no obvious reasons for his incarceration.

Sadly, Stepping Stones, Dundonnel, Wester Ross, Scotland (near Little Loch Broom), is about to close.

This little tea shop/gallery has sold around 200 copies of my book, Paying for the Past, over the last year or so. I am most grateful to Aida and Brian for their fantastic support and wish them all the best in their new venture.


3rd May 2016 - Book launch of Cold Friends at The Steyning Book Shop


The first reviews of Cold Friends...

Ana Saldanha reviews

Cold Friends on Amazon

A Gripping Secret and Lies Thriller

A secret from Ben's past comes back to haunt his present. Combined with further deception, conflict and ensuing tragic events, it makes for the heady mixture that author Geoff Green has got his readers used to. The humanity of his approach, nonetheless, allows for redemption and a glimmer of hope to shine through by the end. A good read. Highly recommended.


Andy Batkin reviews

Cold Friends on Amazon

Another fine page-turner from Geoff Green


Similar to his last book, the Sand Hide, Cold Friends has Mr & Mrs Utterly-Normal and their 20-something daughter living comfortable lives in bucolic rural Sussex. And from page one, just like the Sand Hide, he steadily builds the sense of impending cataclysm he's so good at. In the Sand Hide the horror emerges from alcohol and domestic abuse. In this one its blowback from foreign wars. Green's so good at building a real thriller from important social issues we'd often rather not think about. But beware the author's subtle red-herrings: impending disaster isn't necessarily around the corner you imagine. Great stuff!

What C Smith says about

Cold Friends on Amazon

Cold Friends is a compelling and intriguing read


As the story unfolds the reader is caught up in the world of the two main characters and a secret which goes back a long time. Exploring the hold that secrets can have on lives and the ripple effect of this power, Geoff Green, the author writes of the devastating impact a chance meeting has on the rest of the finely drawn characters in this story. This book will resonate long after it has been put down. A great read.


What Judy Gordon says about

Cold Friends on Amazon

A good and enjoyable read


Got into the story and characters really quickly and just kept going. Couldn't wait to see what happened and what the mystery was all about. A good and enjoyable read. Best so far from Geoff Green. Look forward to more from this author.


What Terry Davies says about Cold Friends on Facebook

After being rudely interrupted by a week's skiing holiday and a very intensive work training course, I have now finished 'Cold Friends'. Geoff, what a fabulous read! Really interesting plot and so great to read something where you know the area and can picture the scenes. I really enjoyed it. Well done, you are an amazing writer and a real inspiration xxxx

The Secrets of Priest Island - October 2015

I was pleasantly surprised to discover this blog about kayaking around Priest Island. It is interesting in its own right, with some great shots of the Island. But I was even more surprised to find out how much trouble Chris had taken over his research: including a wealth of information about Miller and Bellord and our escape to Priest Island in 1975 (fourteen paras into the blog).

Priest Island Revisited - September 2015

September 2015. After forty years, I returned to the uninhabited island hideaway portrayed in my book Paying for the Past. Skipper Brian took our Ullapool friends, Eve and Duncan, my wife Carol and myself on a spectacular sea trip to Priest Island: revisiting my past on a day which, fortunately, turned out to be the best weather of the year.

NB. Chris (see above blog) points out that the remains of The Bothy in my video was not the one mentioned in my story. That particular bothy still exists, more or less as it stood in 1975.

Return to Priest Island - Video clip


Launch of The Sand Hide - 2015 at the superb Steyning Bookshop.

Sand Hide Launch 05_19_15 09
Sand Hide Launch 05_19_15 04
Sand Hide Launch 05_19_15 18

Launch of Paying for the Past - 2014

In 2014, Sara at The Steyning Book Shop took on the launch of my first book, Paying for the Past. It was a bigger success than I'd hoped for, with a second signing arranged later that week. Newspaper coverage and talks followed.

Coastway Radio Interview - 2014

Rosemary Allix interviews me about Paying for the Past at Abbey Road Studios, Brighton.

A one hour Desert Island Discs type programme with music choices along the way.


Barry Winbolt interviews me, from a different perspective

Barry Winbolt - psychotherapist, trainer, mediator, public speaker and writer - interviews me about Paying for the Past, from a psychologist's viewpoint. How did I deal with the growing realisation of the scale of the fraud, emotionally and practically; the  surprising aftermath; the ten year litigation process and the devastating affect on family life?

To listen to 30 minute interview, click arrow link under photo.