Geoff wrote an early draft of Paying for the Past two decades ago. His true crime adventure has been life-changing, taking a decade to go through the courts. A diary he kept at the time, along with media and public interest, inspired him to finish the book.

     He left school at fourteen and took a dozen jobs before heading back to education and a first-class honours degree in osteopathic medicine. A course with The London School of Journalism helped him brush up his writing skills. Initially, he published research articles in peer-reviewed journals before working to finish his first book, Paying for the Past, in 2014. He has since written four novels, The Sand Hide, Cold Friends, The Prisoner of Brenda Brown and The 22nd Floor.

     Geoff also worked as an osteopath and lives in the Sussex village of Steyning with his wife Carol, a sculptor. Together they have walked some of the greatest treks in the world, including, The Inca Trail in Peru, jungle hikes in The Amazon Basin, The Grand Canyon and The Great Wall of China.

     He grew up with folk music, skiffle and rock and roll. The Dices, his first band, formed around 1957, entertained punters in pubs, clubs and dance halls. He sang with other bands at the Shepherds Bush and Chiswick Empires before joining pop group, Peter and the Wolves, in 1962.

     Between working and writing, Geoff loves to catch up with family and friends, paint, walk, read, eat out and watch a good film. (See pics and slider below.).

  • The Dices Skiffle Group
    The Dices Skiffle Group
  • BBC presents prize
    BBC presents prize
  • Solo. The Granada Acton
    Solo. The Granada Acton
  • Peter and the Wolves
    Peter and the Wolves
  • Air Race, Sywell 1974
    Air Race, Sywell 1974
  • Racing Manager 1975
    Racing Manager 1975
  • Geoff, Osteopath 2015
    Geoff, Osteopath 2015

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