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You can’t fool all of the people all of the time


Jeremiah Travers is super-rich. Zena Marshall knows how he made his money, his secrets, the collateral damage and why he'll live to regret it for the rest of his life. She intends to bring him down and they're about to meet for the very first time.


My true life crime story


Everyone knows the extent of their crime…but only one man knows where they are. September 1975. Jim Miller and John Bellord, two wealthy men of impeccable character, fly to France and disappear without a trace. A blackmailed bishop, forgery, faked suicides, a multimillion-pound fraud and many lives ruined as police, Interpol, the media and a psychic investigator join in a fruitless search for the two outlaws. Only Geoff Green knows where they are. He plans and executes their escape and finally gives them up following their hideaway year on remote Priest Island surviving a sub-zero winter. This is his account of what they did, how they did it, and why he confessed all. It is not only a crime adventure but a personal story of total trust in a mesmerising mentor and his philosophy of life


Alcoholism, abuse, betrayal and escape to the desert

Robert Dexter makes a lot of money before turning to alcoholism and abuse. When he draws blood and puts his wife Laura in hospital, things have to change. Robert wants to win her back, but in a moment of madness he commits the ultimate betrayal. Nothing would stop Laura leaving now. And where she was going, he'd never find her...


Someone is about to reveal your past

Ben Taylor wants a quiet life. But when civil servant creep, Frank Carson, threatens his job, and daughter Beth seems intent on wrecking her future, he thinks it’s as bad as it gets. Until he spots his old friend, Craig Thomas, looking like a ghost on Victoria Station, and knows he should have walked on. Past secrets threaten their comfortable suburban lives: from the moment they shake hands and exchange cards, Ben’s life takes a downward spiral.


A serial womaniser is held captive in a basement cell

Kidnapping is a serious crime: a hostage is taken, demands are made, cash expected or, in some cases, an exchange of prisoners. Kidnappers are usually men, but when Brenda Brown lures Melvyn Greenstone into a basement cell, the case baffles everyone. No demands are made and there are no obvious reasons for his incarceration.

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